Grape Syrah

Syrah is a variety of red grape whose origin is unclear and suggest different versions: One of the thesis is defended that this grape came to France from the Persian city of Shiraz brought by the Phoenicians or by the Crusaders while another theory is that ensures that this variety comes from Syracuse (in Italy). This grape has a significant presence in central and southern France, which has led to consider this variety is native to the Rhone.

Syrah is a variety of easy cultivation that requires plenty of sunshine and high temperatures and although it is disease resistant performance is low.

The leaf is of medium size, pentagonal shape, very marked lateral sinuses, sometimes has seven lobes, dark green and downy undersides. The cluster is medium sized and compact cylindrical shape formed by grapes small, ovoid, bluish color and thick skin.

As we have said grape variety widely grown in central and southern France (and varietal made from this grape including the Hermitage), are famous Australian wines made with this variety (there known as Shiraz). Also you can see this variety in Chile, California and Argentina. In Spain, this variety can be found in almost all the territory being increasingly cultivated for winemaking with other varieties or varietal.

This variety results in a friendly and tasty wine, deep aroma of wild fruits and violets. The color is intense, refined, solid and austere, spicy and remarkable acidity. This ink strain has a very intense color, shades of raspberry color with intense ruby red.

As for aromas, it is a very fruity, floral and slightly spicy strain as we found aromas of violets, cassis, raspberry, blackberry, blackcurrant a little leather, pepper and nuts.

As for the marriage, as is a fruity wine and the features that goes well with game meats, poultry, mature cheeses with fig compote, pasta with red sauces such case, pepperoni pizzas.

As we see is a very interesting grape both for its history and its complexity and features that provides for good wine. In particular grape is my favorite because I like the flavors we found fruits and flowers and mouth makes me soft, silky tannin is not aggressive and is a wine that you enjoyed in the company.